Report from Tip Top Tapas

8 Dec
Showing my niece how to play Flamenco guitar

Showing my niece how to play Flamenco guitar

On November 15th my family held our 24th theme party. The theme, randomly selected as usual, was Tip Top Tapas – a tribute to the tasty small plates that characterize Spanish cuisine.

This is one of those themes that really lends itself to a delicious menu, including several excellent vegetarian options. Ours included:

  • Manchego cheese with quince jam
  • Croquetas de jamon (ham croquettes)
  • Chorizo stewed in apple cider (chorizo is a cured, smoked sausage)
  • Jamon y gambas (ham-wrapped shrimp)
  • Sangria
  • Carmelized onion flatbread pizza
  • Almond flan

Que rico! Everything was homemade, from the sangria to the pizza crust. That’s just how we roll.

For the music, we just turned up the volume on the Flamenco channel on Pandora. My sister and I put together a Spanish 101 vocab game, where we challenged guests to demonstrate their foreign language skill. (How did both teams independently decide that the Spanish word for “ring” is “ringo?”) We didn’t go all out on the decor or costumes, but I’ll have some ideas for you in the Tip Top Tapas DIY video (coming soon!).


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