Don’t have it on the same day as a Will Smith movie opening.

13 Dec


The first time I hosted a boy-girl party was in the seventh grade. I don’t remember that much about the party itself, but I do have a vivid memory of wanting to cancel it at the last minute, out of sheer nervousness. I may have vomited. In the years since that day, I’ve felt those nerves many times. No matter how many parties I host, no matter how many friends I have (it varies), I will always have last minute doubts. What if everyone thinks it’s tomorrow? What if some of the guests get in a fight? What if they don’t like my outfit?

Calm down. Here are some tips to help you cope with those pre-party jitters:

  1. Get two to three friends to help you set up. That’s a party right there.
  2. Do a lot of the prep work in advance, but leave yourself a few tasks to occupy yourself in the hour before guests should arrive.
  3. Make it a pot luck. Now you have an excuse to call people and “double check.”
  4. Make sure you’re serving something awesome that people can’t say no to, like homemade sushi or eggnog.
  5. Pre-game.

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