Finally! Snacking makes geometric sense again.

14 Dec

Joanna points out that cheese cubes, despite being a convenient party food item, are fundamentally flawed. They are not compatible with traditional crackers. Since I prefer to be part of the solution, I offer this:

A Revolution in Three Dimensional Party Fare

The Cracker Box(TM): A Revolution in Three Dimensional Party Fare

Each Cracker Box accommodates one standard-sized cheese cube, and facilitates the perfect ratio of cracker to cheese. Like its forebearer the Scoop Chip, the Cracker Box will forever change the way you snack.

Coming soon in pretzel, herb, and low-sodium varieties.


4 Responses to “Finally! Snacking makes geometric sense again.”

  1. Norriz December 16, 2008 at 8:10 pm #

    That is the best idea i’ve ever heard – I want a recipe!!!


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