Lumpia and pupusas – no passport required

5 Feb

80dishes_mainMy sister and I were both psyched to see the Around the World in 80 Dishes feature from We  both had the same reaction – this was made for our theme parties! The project aims to capture 80 of the world’s “most iconic dishes,” and each features a video tutorial with a chef from the Culinary Institute of America. (The selections seem to be hotly contested in the comments section, but I’m staying out of the debate. Let’s not fight. Let’s eat!)

Each week they’ll reveal a new video. So far, they’ve covered Coq au Vin (France), Seviche of Snapper (Peru), Moo-Shu Pork (China), Pavlova (Australia), and several others. Personally, I’m looking forward to when they hit India, Greece, Morocco, and Cuba.

What I like best about this list is that it can not only help you with the menu for a theme party you’re planning, but it can also inspire new themes that you hadn’t thought of. For example, we don’t have Sweden on our list, but Swedish meatballs sound pretty good.  Similarly, we hadn’t considered a Canada-themed party, but I could go for some Maple-Sugar Pie (and socialized medicine) right about now.

Mmmm…what sounds good to you?


One Response to “Lumpia and pupusas – no passport required”

  1. jadynmom February 5, 2009 at 6:32 pm #

    “Who’s hungry for Hungary?”

    Goulash anyone?

    I think it ought to be In the Sampler so to speak 😉

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