Easy-ish FUNdraiser idea

17 Mar
photo courtesy of MyBallard.com

photo courtesy of MyBallard.com

I recently had the opportunity to attend a cool fundraiser while I was visiting Seattle.  It seems like something that could be easily replicated as a benefit/theme party, so I’m blogging it here to spread the word.

It was called “Empty Bowls” and it worked like this:

  1. give a $10 donation (or more) to the Ballard Food Bank
  2. choose a hand-crafted bowl created and donated by a local artist
  3. fill bowl with as much yummy soup and bread as you want (donated by local vendors)
  4. enjoy live music
  5. take bowl home and use as candy dish or soup/cereal bowl
  6. know you did a good thing for a local food bank.

It was fun. I liked the soup!

For a theme party version of this event, I would follow the same steps, though I might ask that my guests each buy a pretty handmade bowl from etsy or something like that, and I would provide the soup. The music might or might not be live. I would ask guests to make a small donation and I would give the donation to a local food pantry. Easy peasy.


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