If you can’t make it to Stonehenge…

6 Jun
These popsicles are for grown-ups only.

These popsicles are for grown-ups only.

This is part of my series on Holidays in 2009.

The northern solstice (also known as the June solstice, or summer solstice for those in the northern hemisphere) is coming up soon, and it’s the perfect time to throw a party, without competing with the abundance of July 4th events that will be filling your calendar. The solstice, which literally means “sun standing,” marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer, so celebrate the seasons with a party influenced by the elements.

  • Fire: If you’re outside of the city, have a bonfire and catch fireflies (here’s how to do it properly). City dwellers can create a Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe with paper lanterns, fairy lights, and lots of tealight candles. And don’t forget to fire up the grill! Check out these flavorful recipes for Cinnamon-Cured Smoked Chicken Breasts with Cherry Barbecue Sauce and this Grilled Corn with Hoisin-Orange Butter.
  • Water: An obvious location for a solstice party is at the beach or a pool. If neither of those are options, try a sprinkler! Kids will enjoy a water balloon toss, and maybe some adults will as well. (These ideas are a little wasteful, so be sure to conserve extra water for a few days before and after to make up for it.) Also, if you’ve ever tried to make cocktail-inspired popsicles and couldn’t get around the fact that alcohol doesn’t freeze well, try this clever method for Margarita Ice Pops.
  • Earth: Flowers and potted plants are all the decor you need for a solstice party. And consider offering seeds as party favors – June isn’t too late for beans, summer squash, beets, carrots, or chard; not to mention Fall crops like lettuce, spinach, kale, and radish. Or go with flowers – sunflowers or zinnias would be a good choice.

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