2009 Battle of the Bagel

17 Jun

bagelDuring our weekly teatime last Thursday, my co-workers got into a lively debate about whose neighborhood has the best bagel shop. Since this is obviously very important, we decided to have a blind taste test. And since I can’t eat bagels, I took on the role of organizer. Below is the email I sent to my co-workers detailing the rules. The competition will be held tomorrow. I’ll post photos and results!

Dear Colleagues,

Below are the rules for the First Annual Battle of the Bagel. This is your chance to demonstrate that your neighborhood bakery truly has the best bagels in NYC!

I’ve consulted with a bagel expert to design the rules for this year’s competition. Please read the following carefully:

  • This year’s Battle will feature two different categories: Best Plain Bagel and Best Flavored Bagel. You may sponsor one competitor (read: bagel) in each category. If you want to bring an additional bagel for yourself, please do so, but know that I am not responsible for any overeating that goes on during bagel day.
  • All competitors must be formally entered into the competition by 9:30am on Thursday. To enter a competitor, please present your bagel(s) to the Battle moderator (that’s me!) for the official slicing. Your candidates will also receive their official competition number at this time, to preserve the anonymity of the nominated bakery and the sponsoring staff member.
  • All sponsoring staff members are eligible to judge the competition. Each judge will receive a score card to record their scores, and must eat one piece of each bagel in a given category in order for his or her scores to be counted.
  • Bagels will be judged on three criteria: Texture, Flavor, and Appearance. Though the nature of the judging is subjective, details about the definition of each criteria will be provided at the time of the tasting.
  • There will be a fabulous prize for the winning staff member sponsor in each of the two categories. Additionally, the winning bakeries will receive special certificates made from a Microsoft Word template which I’m sure they will proudly display to their customers.
  • In the interest of fairness, I will provide the cream cheese (and also the OJ).

4 Responses to “2009 Battle of the Bagel”

  1. Anne June 18, 2009 at 2:11 pm #

    gah! i can’t believe i am missing this. may the best bagel win!

    • hannahkane June 18, 2009 at 5:38 pm #

      We’ll have to have a cupcake challenge when you’re back. 🙂

  2. littlepioneer June 18, 2009 at 8:50 pm #

    who won??? i have people wanting to know.


  1. And the winner is… « Everybody’s Invited! - June 23, 2009

    […] hannahkane Congratulations to Lorene and Absolute Bagels for sweeping all six categories at the 2009 Battle of the Bagel! Not only did Absolute’s plain bagel win for best appearance, texture, and flavor; but […]

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