I Made It Myself: Almond Macaroons with Peach Raspberry Compote

5 Sep

I Made It Myself is a series where I document my attempts to cook food that I would normally pay someone else to make, or buy in a package.

This week’s effort: Teatime cookies for my co-workers.

I forgot to take pictures (see also: Cuba, South Africa, Peru, Greece), but that’s okay because I remember what happened. Here’s the math:

1 cup whole almonds
+ 2/3 cup sugar
+ 1 egg
– yolk
+ 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
+ food processor
x ten minutes at 350 degrees
+ confectioner’s sugar

= almond macaroons


Peach Raspberry Compote is a haiku:

Sugar water boils

Lime zest, white grape juice (no wine)

Pour over fruit; mix.

I do have a picture of the final product, courtesy of Julia Smith, the official photographer of Everybody’s Invited!




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