You can’t tell from the pictures, but there were people at this party

15 Sep

My roommate Liza and I finally had our housewarming party, even though we don’t have things like furniture or serving utensils. Not a lot of chairs, but plenty of eclairs!

Our theme (you gotta have a theme) was “A French Pique-Nique” (that’s fancy talk for picnic). We served French baguettes in picnic baskets, a French cheese platter, and a French strawberry pie. Superfun detail: I ordered some postcards from, which is maybe the best website ever.* The front of each postcard was one of five different photos of strawberries, and the reverse was the pie recipe (my grandmother’s!) We gave these away as party favors.

So it turns out Liza is a fan of food, but apparently does not like people. I know this because she didn’t take a single photograph of a person during the entire party. Not one. But, friends, please know your presence was appreciated and we loved having you over. Please come again! (And thanks very much for the wine, beer, cider, ice cream, quiche, olives, cheese, amazing plant, etc.)

Here’s the spread:


Bread, charcuterie, cheeses, carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting, eclairs.

Fruit on the left. Veggies on the right.

Fruit on the left. Veggies on the right.

Our address is 314. That's pi!

Our address is 314. That's pi!

* Top three reasons why Moo is so awesome: 1. They do great work. The quality of their stuff is amazing. 2. They have outstanding customer service. I ordered my postcards with standard shipping, and then realized I needed them faster. When I emailed to switch to express shipping, they upgraded me at no cost. Just because they’re nice! 3. The website features excellent copywriting. I notice these things.






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