Because some things are better the 37th time

3 Oct

I have a Sunday brunch tradition with my friend Maddie. We have teatime at my office every Thursday at 4pm. I have chocolate chip pancakes every year on my birthday.

I really like traditions.*  They provide stability and something to look forward to; they give context and structure to my calendar; and I think they appeal to my natural desire to turn everything into a system. If I could live my life in alphabetical order, I probably would.

Some good ones: seeing a movie or two (or three) on Christmas; sending myself a postcard from every place I travel; making myself a cake on the anniversary of the day I dropped out of college; watching Lost at Zoe’s apartment (that one is, unfortunately, retired since Zoe moved to stupid Massachusetts); and going to Hawaii every five years (in my book, doing something twice counts as a tradition).

Two new ones I’m considering: an annual scavenger hunt for my friends; and doing something scary on my birthday.

What about you? What are your favorite traditions?

I'll be gumming these on my 100th birthday.

I'll be gumming these on my 100th birthday.

* I’m not so much into the idea of “traditional marriage” (sometimes known as “opposite marriage”) or any kind of “traditional values” really. In that sense, tradition is for suckers.


One Response to “Because some things are better the 37th time”

  1. jadynmom October 3, 2009 at 8:38 pm #

    Facials with my sister once or twice a year 😉

    And movies on Christmas.

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