Hug a Stranger: Scavenger Hunt Inspiration

3 Nov

Check out this birthday scavenger hunt list produced by a creative friend-of-a-friend, Kira.


What I like about this list:

  • It speaks to our deepest hopes and dreams. See “Rap battle a stranger” and “Arm wrestle a senior citizen.”
  • It’s topical. See “Lady Gaga or Beyonce memorabilia.”
  • It recognizes the occasion. See several references to Kira, Kira’s birthday, Kira’s age, and the year Kira was born.
  • It allows for strategic thinking by assigning weighted point values to each item and task.
  • It has a twist. “Bonus items/tasks will be sent via text message throughout the night.”
  • Kira understands that scavenger hunts are enhanced by an adorable bunny mascot.

Team Billie Jean Jacket does the "Thriller" dance with some passers-by. 50 points. Cha-ching!


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