Everybody’s invited to the next decade

31 Dec

Everybody’s Invited! has been making some New Year’s resolutions. Below is what you can expect to see on this blog in 2010. Your input is needed, so please take a few moments to weigh in on the polls. It’s very much appreciated!

So…in addition to going to the gym more regularly, EI! will also:

Feature a greater emphasis on scavenger hunts. I neglected this topic in the aughts, and I plan to make up for it in the next decade.  Watch out for themed scavenger hunt lists that you can remix for your own purposes, and tips for organizing events for your friends.

Play more games, but in a good way. I seriously love games (especially the word and board kind, but less so the video and mind kinds), so I’m going to start featuring reviews and recommendations of existing games, as well as instructions for how to play the awesome games that I’ve invented.

Herald the return of DIY Theme Party Videos. I’m sure you’ve been missing the poor audio quality and frequent jump cuts that characterized my first two DIY videos, so you’ll be glad to know that they’ll be back in 2010 with the same low production values as before.

And of course, I’ll continue regular EI! features like “I Made It Myself” and “Ask the Expert.”

Stay tuned and thanks for your help!


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