Top Five Party Planning Tools

28 Mar

Not sure how many bottles to get? Evite's drink calculator can help. (Photo by Flickr user dj @ oxherder arts.)

I think I’m happiest when I’m planning an event (or inventing a game). Sometimes I let the stress of it get the better of me, though. When that happens, I’ll make an extra effort to get organized and simplify. These are my favorite go to tools for when I’m in event planning mode:

  1. Google docs. The most basic of tools – a word processor and a spreadsheet – I use these all the time when planning events. They’re useful for coordinating with my co-conspirators, for keeping track of ideas and budgets, and creating To Do lists. (Check out how Google docs can help you plan a wedding.)
  2. Menu planning sites. I love Epicurious because they’ve got a great search engine so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, useful features like “My Recipe Box” and shopping lists, and an enormous collection of menus featuring coordinated dishes. I also love Cookthink because you can search for recipes not only by ingredient or cuisine, but also by mood. Type in “invigorating,” and you’ll find recipes for Zucchini Soup with Ginger and Lime, and Jicama and Orange Salad (both sound so invigorating!).
  3. Pandora. I actually love creating custom playlists (check out my Ask the Expert post on creating a party playlist featuring DJ Jojo), but if I don’t have time (or the right music in my library), I can always create a Pandora station to match the mood.
  4. Evite’s Drink Calculator. This handy tool helps you figure out how much booze to purchase.  It’s so simple, you could even use it while drinking!
  5. Sustainable Dinner Party Kit. Sustainable Table’s Dinner Party Kit includes all sorts of useful downloadable tools to help plan a party that celebrates sustainable, local foods. Holla!

What tools do you use?


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