Board Game Theme Dinners!

31 Mar

This creme brulee is from Flickr user Kwashi, but it looks a lot like Mike's (whose camera battery fell behind the stove, hence not having a photo of the actual dish)

Yesterday morning I sent an email to my friend Maddie asking if we could get together for dinner. Usually we go to a restaurant, but I was in the mood for home cooking so I suggested we cook something fun at her place.

Within 20 minutes, she wrote me the following email:
Let’s do a game-themed night.  Here are some options.
  • Bananagrams:  Black bean and plantain tamales, tostones (I even have a plantain flattener), and banana creme brulee.
  • Scrabble: We’d only make things that are really big word scores (food with the letters x or z or j or q).
  • Monopoly: Big $$ food. Fancy wheat-free pasta (we have truffles and truffle oil) with parmagiano reggiano, and gluten-free Chrystler building cakes (I have a cake pan that is shaped like the Chrystler building).
Which one do you want?   🙂


Isn’t she awesome? First of all, who has a plaintain flattener, a Chrystler building cake pan, and truffles? I also appreciate the nod to my gluten intolerance. But mostly I’m amazed at how quickly she came up with these ideas! We spent awhile thinking up some menu ideas involving the high-value Scrabble letters (pizza! quinoa! oaxaca cheese! quince jam!), but ultimately we were swayed by the idea of banana creme brulee (which M’s husband Mike made, and turned out incredibly delicious. Highly recommended.).

We plan to do Scrabble and Monopoly theme nights in the future. Do you have any ideas for other game/menu combinations?

(And, yes, we played Bananagrams. See my earlier review here.)


5 Responses to “Board Game Theme Dinners!”

  1. Julia April 1, 2010 at 11:55 pm #

    well…Apples to Apples feels too obvious. My family would do Upwords: stackable foods (parfaits), word nerd foods (alphabet soup?), or tile-shaped foods. Waffles, maybe.

    A more advanced level would involve playing the game to make the menu, e.g. taking the name of a food/drink item and then replacing or changing a letter (waTer –> waFer –>waFFLES) and having all of those at the meal. It might not be very balanced.

  2. Jen September 22, 2010 at 5:14 am #

    Great ideas!!! Here are some more.

    blokus – foods with distinctly red, green, yellow, and blue colors that mix together but keep their unique identity. Even a platter of sauteed peppers and a blueberry crisp could do it!

    balderdash – make (tasty) things that all sorta look like mush, and have people guess what they are balderdash style and vote on them.

    true colors – make a unique dish (doesn’t have to be complicated; could even be different sandwiches) and people vote on who would go to each dish and then what you eat is dictated by that scoring (it will make sense when you check out the game if you don’t know it)

    othello makes a simple dessert with those black-white cookies!!!

    • hannahkane September 22, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

      Wow. You are REALLY good at this. 🙂 I’ll have to check out True Colors.


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