One week until I start humming “Don’t Stop Believing” at my desk all day

7 Apr

Puck + Artie = a Partie!

Next week is the Glee season premiere. Holla! And not a moment too soon.  Just yesterday I was thinking I don’t have nearly enough jazz hands, wheelchair choreography, and Sue Sylvester in my life. I really like the way this show handles important social issues like teen pregnancy and fake stutters. Fingers crossed that they cover “Keep Feeling Fascination” by The Human League this season (because if they don’t, I will. Just thinking about this song makes me want to do the robot!)

  • Decor theme: William McKinley High School spirit
  • Costumes: various – cheerleader/football uniforms, suspenders, unitards, mini-skirts, sweater vests, etc.
  • Party favors: Set up a yearbook photo booth and let people take their photos home as a souvenir.
  • Menu: Emma Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Rachel Berry Cobbler, Mr. Schuester’s Mashed Potato Mash-Ups, Grape Slushies, and I think Puckerman could be a good name for some kind of sour cocktail (that sounds like a terrible menu, but the theme must reign supreme)
  • Season prediction sheets (ask guests to make predictions in advance of the show and revisit during the season finale): Who’s going to raise Quinn’s baby? Will Terri cause drama for Will and Emma? Will New Directions win Regionals? Will Matt have a line?
  • Soundtrack: Hmmm…can’t think of anything.

What are your ideas, Gleeks?


2 Responses to “One week until I start humming “Don’t Stop Believing” at my desk all day”

  1. Julia April 7, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    Are you going to be out of town? This is heartbreaking.

    • hannahkane April 8, 2010 at 12:38 am #

      Yeah, you’ll see it three hours before me. No spoilers!

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