Product Review: The Salsabol

4 Aug

This is very important news for anyone who has ever struggled to load up a chip with salsa, or any other kind of non-adhesive dip for that matter. There is a revolutionary new product out there that will ensure you never again lose any of your precious salsa as you scrape your chip up the side of the bowl.

Prepare to be amazed by the Salsabol:

The subtle genius of the Salsabol lies in the patent-pending lip design that gently pushes what might otherwise become fallen salsa back onto your chip, for a carefree scooping experience. Say goodbye to embarrassing salsa-related party faux pas forever!

I recently had the opportunity to try the Salsabol for myself, in an actual picnic context. I can honestly say that I did not spill any salsa, despite the harsh conditions (uneven ground, chunky pico de gallo-style salsa). I also found the sleek design and bright yellow color pleasing and modern. I think this product would be useful to anyone, especially those with poor fine motor skills. At just under $13, you can’t afford to NOT get one (how many tablecloths have you ruined with your out-of-control dipping sauces and lip-less salsa bowls?)

p.s. Snack happy readers might also be interested in my previously published idea for the Cracker Box.


2 Responses to “Product Review: The Salsabol”


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