Top ten ways to celebrate Autumn (not just looking at the foliage)

15 Sep

This unicorn is enjoying Autumn. Are you?

Spring used to be my favorite season, but this year I’m excited for the Fall*. It’s a good-looking season (but in a more nuanced way than the overly gregarious and pastel Spring), it doesn’t have miserable effects on my mood like dreary Winter, and it will be a relief coming on the heels of recent record-breaking Summer temperatures.

Here are ten ways to welcome it:

  1. Get your roommate to bring home a crate of apples, like mine did, and have an apple crumble baking party. Also try: apple butter, apple sauce, and apple cider.
  2. Make a cornucopia. Then, say the word out loud for fun. (Did you know it’s somehow related to unicorns?)
  3. Celebrate the September equinox on the 23rd at 3:09 am by calling a friend in the opposite hemisphere (northern/southern) and talking about how you’re experiencing a night of the same length. (Hint: try to find someone who is as far away from the equator as you are, but in the opposite direction.)
  4. Get lost in a corn maze. Get found again.
  5. Start planning your Halloween costume.
  6. Watch some of the good t.v. that’s returning. Not too much.
  7. Buy a new matching hat, scarf, and gloves set.
  8. Go on a hayride.
  9. Eat candy corn. Not too much.
  10. Watch movies about time travel.**

* In case it’s not obvious, I’m writing about the Northern seasons in this entry.

** Appropriate for Winter, Spring, and Summer as well.


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