A post in which I reveal very little about something I did a couple weeks ago

10 Nov

Awhile back I posted a New York City-area scavenger hunt round-up (just doing my part to address the devastating lack of important scavenger hunt-related news in the blogosphere), and one of the events I included was something called “Accomplice.” At the time I described it as “having something to do with Neil Patrick Harris,” but I knew very little about it.

I could show you a picture, but then I'd have to kill you.

I actually sort of forgot about it after that post, and if it weren’t for a timely tweet from @ActuallyNPH himself, I would never have had the chance to experience the confusion and wonder that is “Accomplice: New York” (it comes in other flavors as well, including the possibly hipper “Accomplice: The Village”).

I’ve been thinking about what I can say about the experience that doesn’t give away too much. “The Accomplice” runs year round, and I think y’all should do it, so I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you. Here’s what I can safely say without spoiling the (many) surprises:

  • It’s part scavenger hunt, part performance art, and part walking tour. I feel I can say this because their website says this.
  • There’s a tiny bit of skill involved, but mostly you just need to be willing to get a little outside of your comfort zone. For those who like puzzles (!), there are a few fun ones to solve.
  • It’s a little offensive. Get ready for jokes about the disabled. (Note: I don’t know that it’s always as insensitive as it was during my group’s event. There may have been something about the rowdy energy and talk-backativeness of our group that brought out the un-PCness in the actors.)
  • Neil Patrick Harris was not there (I suspect he is only loosely affiliated with it), but someone with a small recurring role on a certain popular show was. (Hint: the recurring character has a job that is often on my mindgrapes. Oh no, I think I’ve said too much.)
  • It is more expensive than a movie, but less expensive than an iPod. (I am not trying to be secretive with this one; it’s just that I think the price varies by location.)
  • Do not be deterred by the quote on their website that says, “It’s like being in the middle of the movie The Game,” nor the one that says, “It’s like a live action version of Grand Theft Auto.” It is not nearly as effed up as either of those things.
  • Finally, “Accomplice” is best enjoyed when accompanied by Anne and Elise (thanks for coming with me, friends!).

One Response to “A post in which I reveal very little about something I did a couple weeks ago”

  1. Elise November 10, 2010 at 3:50 am #

    I definitely had a good time. One recommendation I would make, given that not everyone can go with Hannah and Anne, is that the more people you can get to go with you the better for dominating the tone/fun-level of the group. It can also be fun to meet new people in such a unique context, but I think I might have preferred a few more friends instead. 🙂

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