Thanks, planet!

17 Nov

Guest post by my sister Sarah.

Mmmm...leftovers. By Flickr user kthread.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and celebrate the abundance of what our planet has to offer. Consider these ideas when planning this year’s feast and lower the environmental impact of the day.

  • Buy local and organic ingredients – and in the case of the turkey, cage-free is the way to go. Or be even more eco-friendly and put the kibosh on meat all together by creating a sumptuous vegetarian meal. Check out this great resource for vegan and vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes. If possible, source your ingredients within 100 miles of home and if catering to a large crowd, buy ingredients in bulk so as to cut down on wasteful packaging.
  • Break out the good china – using disposable plates and tableware may be the easy way out when it comes to cleaning up, but when else are you going to use the good stuff? A little KP duty post-turkey won’t hurt anyone, and the planet is sure to benefit. And if you’re loading a dishwasher, make sure it’s at capacity before running it.
  • Use those bodies – keep in mind that you’re oven is likely to be in use for the better part of the day and the added bodies in your home will also increase the temperature inside. Forego the heater in favor of these heat sources and if it gets too warm, open a window instead of cranking the AC. Better yet, take the crew outside for an actual game of football rather than the more passive televised version. And you’ll save energy by not turning that television on!
  • Get the kids in on the decorating – fallen leaves, pine cones, acorns and tree boughs all lend themselves to creative art projects, centerpieces and other fall-harvest themed décor. Check out these easy instructions for making leaf placemats.
  • Non-toxic cleaning – we know you want your house to sparkle and shine for your guests but the planet will be grateful if you use non-toxic cleaners. Try baking soda and water to scrub sinks and tubs or vinegar and newspaper to make the windows shine. And ditch the paper towels for reusable cloths.
  • Eat the leftovers – the best place to start is by not making too much food in the first place. The next best thing to do is to turn leftovers into sandwiches, soups, salads or other dishes so that they don’t go to waste or you could donate them to a homeless shelter or food bank. And if you can’t make it through them before they go bad, be sure to compost them.
  • Be thankful to the planet – show your gratitude for the Earth by planting a tree.

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