We Made It Ourselves: Croissants

4 Feb

I’d like to introduce my new food feature partner, Julia Smith. I asked Julia to help me revamp the “I Made It Myself” feature, because I felt it was severely lacking her photographer’s eye and food styling skills, and because I like hanging out with her. Our goal is simple: to give ourselves semi-regular food creation challenges, and to rise to the occasion (or not). We hope to create something delicious each time, but the real joy is going to be in the process.

For our first effort of 2011, we present: Croissants!

Here’s how it went:

Not bad, right?

We started out following the recipe here, but we veered a little off course when certain aspects didn’t go as smoothly as advertised. The repeated freezing of the dough resulted in some unexpected ice crystals (solution: maybe check the temperature of your freezer?), our geometry was way off when it comes to cutting isosceles triangles (get a protractor?), and we had to invent a new brushless technique for applying an egg wash (no solution needed; our fork spatter technique was a-ok).

Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid of croissants. Just add more butter.


6 Responses to “We Made It Ourselves: Croissants”

  1. Trish February 4, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    Whoaaaa! This post makes our kitchen looks so beautiful! Very cool revamp to this feature, HK. Like!

  2. Julia "Cheverly" Smith February 7, 2011 at 3:28 am #

    i would say we (well, our yeast) medium-rose to this occasion. i am snow—excuse me, SO—looking forward to WMIO #2. (But you really didn’t have to rename the feature, dude.)


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