Games People Play: Games Roundup

25 Mar

Games People Play is a series where I attempt to make the world a better place by encouraging more game playing.

I’ve got games on my mind this week. Here are some game-y things to do:
  1. If you are in New York City, participate in the Come Out & Play Festival in June and July. And it’s not too late to submit your idea for the Real-world Games For Change Challenge. (If you are reading this after April 15th, it is too late. Sorry to have misled you.)
  2. If you are anywhere, check out SCVNGR, a location-based mobile app that lets you check in at various places and complete challenges (examples include: tin-foil origami, riddles, physical challenges, etc.) It’s the game that travels with you!
  3. Host your own Minute to Win It party. For those of you who haven’t been able to watch a game show since Bob Barker left The Price is Right, let me explain that Minute to Win It is a game show where contestants complete short, physical challenges to win lots of money.  Party planner Abbie Jones, who recently hosted her own Minute to Win It-themed birthday party, says that the How To portion of the show’s website has all the information you need to host your own party. It lays out the rules and materials you’ll need for each game. Abbie says not to worry about not having a million dollar prize to motivate people. “It turns out that people will play for pride and for the birthday girl.”
  4. Another possible party theme: Old Timey Parlour Games. Check out Wikipedia’s list of Parlour Games. They’re mostly word games like Elephant’s Foot Umbrella Stand and The Minister’s Cat, but there are a few strangely physical ones like  Squeak Piggy Squeak (basically what it sounds like + one player sits in another player’s lap) and Snap Dragon (taking raisins out of brandy that you’ve lit on fire without burning yourself and while looking demonic).


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