Sabbatical To Do List

30 May

I’m taking a sabbatical in August and September. Here’s what I need to do to prepare:

  • Buy anorak, comfortable hiking shoes, and mosquito repellent for 10-day trip to Alaska with Brandon
  • Map important sites between New York City and Savannah for road trip with Amber (hint: Colonial Williamsburg)
  • Get doctor to sign SCUBA clearance form for Space Camp
  • Brush up on my Arabic for 8-day trip to Egypt
  • Find a French cooking class to take in France with mom and aunt
  • Determine multi-climate/multi-activity packing strategy (where will the spacesuit go?)
  • Determine overall documentation strategy. My ideas so far are: a) start a short-term food-themed blog called “Reindeer, Astronaut Ice Cream, Falafel, and Croissants” (do you think that domain is already taken?), or b) buy a camera and take some pictures for once in my life.
  • Get over fears of bears, tornadoes/floods, space nerds, and civil unrest.

I could use some advice. Have you been to any of these places? What’s your favorite travel tip?


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