Sabbatical in Sum

2 Oct

This is Part 5 of my sabbatical series, where I’m posting photos from the trips I took during my two month sabbatical. During August and September I visited Alaska with my friend Brandon; went on a road trip down the Atlantic Coast of the United States to Savannah, GA with my friend Amber; attended Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama; toured Egypt with Intrepid Travel; and visited Paris and Honfleur with my mom and aunt. See previous entries hereherehere, and here.

To close out this series, I want to share a photo from each part of my trip that I think best captures how that place felt to me.

Driving up to Denali. (Brandon's photo. Duh.) It was just so beautiful. 🙂

Spanish moss in Savannah, GA. Savannah lived up to its reputation - it was both spooky and sultry.

Some of the main simulators at Space Camp. Zarya was my team's Space Station. You can see the orbiter in the back, including someone hanging out on the Canadarm. I can't tell you how excited I got when I saw this for the first time.

Swimming in the Nile with Danielle and Cat just before sunset. Magic.

A moody afternoon in Honfleur. Rainy grey days really are my favorite.


1. I strongly recommend a visit to Egypt to anyone who has any interest in Egyptology or who wants to witness an emerging democracy. Now is a great time to go; not because it’s cheap, but rather because the economy is suffering in part due to a lack of tourism. I booked my trip with Intrepid Travel, and cannot recommend them highly enough as a travel agency. The company has a strong emphasis on responsible travel, and you’ll see that reflected in everything they do. My tour guide was phenomenal and I’m grateful to her and to Intrepid for providing so many opportunities to spend time with locals – those interactions ensured that this was a more memorable and more meaningful trip than I had even hoped for.

2. To anyone who dreamed of going to Space Camp as a kid, but missed their chance: Go Now. You will have more fun in a week than you have had in a long time, I promise. You will meet astronauts. You will jump off of a 32-foot pole. You will run around Rocket Park at night. You will make friends. You will feel what it’s like to walk on the moon.

3. A note on Bucket Lists. I know that how I spent my two-month sabbatical seemed a little random to some people. Why not spend more quality time in one place? Why travel all the way from Alaska to Egypt? I asked myself those questions, too. I wanted to make sure that I was fully experiencing each moment, and not just checking things off a list. From my first day in Alaska, I knew my plan was working. I was totally in the moment, engrossed in a particular adventure, without focusing on the next one until the transition day. Once I was in the airport, I would feel the previous adventure start to fade a little bit in my mind (in a good way), and I would get excited about my next stop. It was seamless. I couldn’t believe that I got to keep going and move on to the next awesome thing. I didn’t feel like I was chasing anything. I just felt very….present. And very, very fortunate.

Self-portrait on the first flight of my trip. Excitement!

(This is the official end of my sabbatical series, but stay tuned for a sabbatical super bonus coming soon!)


4 Responses to “Sabbatical in Sum”

  1. Sarah Kane Chessman October 3, 2011 at 2:27 am #

    Sad – I want more entries and more pictures!

    • Hannah Kane October 3, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

      Thanks for your interest. I’ll put the rest of my photos on flickr one of these days. And don’t forget about the super bonus coming soon!


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