I Made It Myself: Macarons

7 Oct

In addition to being part of the regular I Made It Myself feature, this is also the secret bonus addendum to my Sabbatical series, since I made these macarons during the France part of my trip.

My mom and I decided that we wanted to take some sort of cooking class while we were in Paris. We found a great English-language school, La Cuisine Paris, that offered the perfect gluten-free class: macarons! Highly recommended if you’re ever in Paris.

Our workstations

One team made lemon macarons, while the other team made pistachio.

Here's my mom mixing up the pistachio dough. We learned the Italian method, which is a little more complicated than the French, in that you have to make a syrup, rather than just mix in the castor sugar. Our instructor explained that this method is more forgiving, though, and therefore a better choice for beginners.

Here's how the cookies look coming out of the oven. The little ridges are called "feet" and they're the mark of a successful cookie!

Here's me having a go at piping in the filling. You can see that I'm trying really hard not to mess up!

Everyone in the class got to take home a whole box!

We had an extra lemon and an extra pistachio, so we did a mix-and-match version. I ate this one soon after this photo was taken.

While I can’t give you the recipe we learned, I can point you to this recipe from the You Can Do It…At Home blog. The author explains the method in detail, and provides a nice recipe for a chocolate ganache filling. Yum!


One Response to “I Made It Myself: Macarons”

  1. Sarah Kane Chessman October 7, 2011 at 5:16 am #

    I’ll be expecting some on Saturday 😉

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