New family theme party ideas

10 Feb

I see chocolate, butterscotch, and strawberry syrup.

Most of you know that my family has a 12-year long tradition of having two or three theme parties a year. At the end of each one, we draw the next theme out of a box. We usually have about 30 theme ideas in the box.

We recently added four new themes. We had trouble naming them (even though we’re usually so punny), so if you can think of better names, please let me know in a comment.

Here are our new theme ideas:

  • Chef Showcase: Each person bakes a dish from their favorite chef. Bonus points for costumes or impressions.
  • The Art of Food: Everyone brings food that looks like a famous piece of art. I wish I could do something awesome like reproduce Michelangelo’s David in cheese, but I’ll probably end up taking the easy way out and doing a Jackson Pollock piece with chocolate syrup.
  • Game On: Bring a board game and a dish that goes with it, like Apples to Apples and an apple pie. (Remember when my friend Maddie had some great ideas along those lines?)
  • Vaudeville: This was my mom’s suggestion and at first most of us were a little resistant, but now I think we’re all pretty psyched about learning to be ventriloquists. I might play the spoons!

You can tell we’re going for high-concept themes, rather than cultural or geography-based themes. This is because our favorite parties have been those that lent themselves to an interesting activity, like our Murder Mystery or our tableaux vivants from our Moulin Rouge party.

The possibilities are endless!


3 Responses to “New family theme party ideas”

  1. juliacsmith February 10, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    I love these. Your food idea reminded me of an assignment I once had to “turn something 2D into something 3D.” I made a Wayne Thiebaud cake:

    So fun.

  2. Keely Montgomery March 3, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    I love these ideas! What fun 😉

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