Event Planning Services

Custom Scavenger Hunt Design

Are you looking for an awesome way to celebrate your birthday? Are you planning a surprise party for a friend? Do you need something fun to do next Saturday?

No matter what the occasion, Everybody’s Invited! can create a memorable scavenger hunt design, based entirely on you and your interests.

How it works:

Step 1: Information Collection

  • You fill out a questionnaire with information about you (or the guest of honor) and the event you imagine.
  • We’ll also schedule a time to talk on the phone, so I can get to know you better and learn more about the kind of experience you’re looking for.

Step 2: I get to work and create a custom scavenger hunt list based on what I’ve learned about you, and meeting all of your specifications regarding length, difficulty, technology, etc. I can send the scavenger hunt to you in advance, or we can arrange for you to be as surprised as your guests!

Step 3: I send you a Scavenger Hunt Hosting Kit with everything you need to run your scavenger hunt:

  • Custom Scavenger Lists
  • Scavenger Rule Cards
  • Score sheets
  • Instructions
  • Important logistical information to include in your invitation

Step 4: You run your scavenger hunt and have a fantastic and memorable day!

Details and pricing:

  • $50 for Explorer Package: this is a fun-filled scavenger hunt where participants are challenged to find objects and complete silly tasks
  • $100 for Voyager Package: just as fun as the Explorer package, but with additional layers of strategy
  • $150 for Adventurer Package: this is an advanced hunt with riddles, clues, and mysteries

To start planning your scavenger hunt, or to ask questions, please send an email to hannahkane at gmail dot com.



Hannah helped me create what might possibly have been the most epic birthday of all time. Her scavenger list was perfect: just weird enough to make it really fun, not so weird that it was too hard and unfun. But the best thing was her incredible attention to detail and fun little additions – a CD for the scavenger ride? A snack pack to keep scavenging stamina high? Awesome! Everyone was amazed at how well organized it was without being overwrought and we all had a great time.

Lily, San Francisco, CA

Hannah helped me plan the best party that I ever could have thrown for my best friend. She helped me come up with numerous places and memories that were important and poignant in my friend’s life and we had a “This is Your Life” themed scavenger hunt party. My friend was blown away by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that the party entailed and the entire night was a blast for everyone involved. Hannah is so easy to talk to and helps you create the exact event that you’re looking for.

Amber, Los Angeles, CA


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